Sharon's Fan Base
is increasing
with each performance

"Sharon of the amazing voice took the audience by surprise with her Angelic Singing, sending people’s minds into a deep place of serenity. “I hired Sharon for the Traveling Laughter Club performance at Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater because of her amazing ability with her voice to send people into a depth of peace and quiet that no other method can accomplish. The gratitude of those attending has been unprecedented in my personal experience.”

Walter Ness
Laughter Leader, Traveling Laughter Club

“Sharon has the ability to connect to the Liquid Energy of Light through her voice. She reminds us of our Divinity.”

Kate Rafferty
Former President, Theosophical Society of Boston

"Sharon’s powerful voice lifts me up and carries me into the Realm of the Angels. The sound she produces is ethereal and sends healing soothing waves throughout my entire being. I feel as though I have meditated deeply in a sacred space when a song ends.”

Marcy Jeppe, Homeopath
Teacher of Animal MedicineDirector of Charmacy Wildlife Center